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if you have been diagnosed with FND how are you dealing with it and how can you improve your mobility

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      Hello! New on here. I was diagnosed in 2018/2019. I knew something was wrong for years before that but I had always put it down to lifestyle choices and shift work. After finding that I was still suffering, despite cleaning up and keeping 'normal' hours, I tried to get my doctors surgery to investigate. Eventually, I was seen by a doctor who was prepared to listen, and she arranged for all the tests to see if it was MS, ME, Parkinsonism, Multiple Myeloma, etc.. I thought I had had it since 1988, but as I learned more about FND, I could trace it back to at least 1980. I count myself lucky that I don't have seizures and that I have only been bedridden for relatively short periods of time. That said, I am just coming to the end of a second year of Interruption from university. FND robs me of my upper body strength and muscle mass, but my legs have always been pretty good. I find graded exercise has been helpful, but when FND flares, I can't continue it, and I lose all the upper body strength again. I have recently found that Reiki has been helping a lot. I have coped in the past (and now) by adapting my life to fit around my FND. Sorry, I can ramble on for hours. I hope you are coping well?

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Some people with FND have found improvement by staying active to build up strength and doing activities that involve fine motor skills, such as coloring or working with clay. Anti-inflammatory supplements, teas, foods, or medications like ibuprofen and Celebrex have also been reported to bring about significant improvement in some cases.

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