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I have hEDS, and PCOS, and supposedly fibromyalgia. I have had chronic joint pain since I was very young, and it recently has spread and worsened to include general body aches and pain. All of these pains seem to greatly worsen with PMS and period days. No doctor of mine is willing to look into this correlation, and it seems to be just a non-issue to them. But some months the pain gets so bad I can barely move, much less function and do necessary daily tasks. Some days I can't even get out of bed, it hurts so bad. Does anyone else seem to notice this happening? I am wrapped up like a mummy for days each cycle, and any advice on how to reduce these flair-ups would be greatly appreciated. Is it the hEDS/PCOS combo, or maybe a weird hormonal reaction and inflammation combo reaction? Thank you and I hope you're doing alright.

    • Gabby211


      I have severe nerve pain but for some reason during my period it gets worse. I use a lot of hot and cold patches or gel that seems to help but I just started to drink natural beet juice with pineapple because I read it helps for painful periods or symptoms and to a surprise it did so maybe give that a try. Also castor oil but look up how to use it and it’s before you start your period.

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Many individuals with fibromyalgia have reported experiencing increased pain during their menstrual cycle. Some have found that their tendons relax too much at certain times of the month, such as ovulation and pre-menstrual periods, causing a lot of pain in areas under stress like back, hips, knees, and ankles. Compression treatment, physiotherapy, and TENs machines have been found helpful by some. Others have noticed that high pollution levels in their living area can cause hormone issues leading to increased pain. It's also been suggested that inflammation due to conditions like fibromyalgia can lead to severe cramps during menstruation.

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