How do you deal with working through chronic fatigue. During this current time of economic hardship I need to work but my managers and staff really don't understand my needs. Any advice or documents you could recommend?

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  • SleepyLizard


    From a UK perspective, maybe the Action for ME or ME Association websites have useful guidance on there about how to approach employers about chronic fatigue. It's a struggle loads of people go through, and hopefully I've pointed you towards some actionable advice. Working with CF sucks!

  • AFabUnicorn


    Thank you. My contract withy current company ends in June; any tips for searching for a understanding company? I work from home UK based, which really helps, but looking for a unicorn in terms of jobs going forwards

    • SleepyLizard


      honestly I don't know for sure but sometimes in the interview process I tell them my access needs and I can sort of tell how inclusive and accessible they're going to be by how they respond to my questions about reasonable adjustments.

  • probablysleeping


    Commenting to follow your post, because I'm experiencing the same. I think it so depends on the line manager, I work for a great organisation that have always helped me feel supported previously, but my current manager is really crap to me. Makes me feel like I'm being reprimanded for needing to take sick leave or anything I do slightly sub-par at work, I'm really really trying though, I wish she got that...

  • BoneDustWoman


    Could you get a note from your doctor explaining your need to rest periodically or be able to sit more while you work? I know I feel less exhausted and in pain on days when I get to rest more, and managers at least will have to accommodate medical advice

  • BluesMom


    I've been prescribed Provigil/Modafinil. It really helps me. I can't believe I survived this long without it. They say eventually your body will get tolerant to it so it's not going to work forever, but I've used it for about 2 years. I started at 25% max dosage and now I'm at 75% max dosage. But I'm also overweight trying to lose weight. Idk if it will work better if I lose some weight.

  • TheMoonGoddess420


    Honestly medical marijuana Sativa or Hybrid strains to be exact.

    • BluesMom


      Yes! This!! I miss living in Colorado! Lol

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