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After a long time of suspecting I might have Cushing’s or a similar adrenal issue, I finally found a PCP who takes me seriously and am starting the workup, but I’m anxious about the diagnosis process, due to comorbidities/conflating factors. How did y’all get a dx? Were or are any of you currently diagnosed or previously misdiagnosed with PCOS? I’ve done an am cortisol blood test and am waiting to get results from a 24 hr urine collection, but if anyone knows of something I should be checking or doing, please share. I’ve been living with symptoms for over a decade and I just want answers, whether or not it turns out to be cushings after all.

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One person shared that they began the diagnosis process after two adrenal masses were found on their regularly scheduled MRI for MS. This led to a lot of blood work and a 24-hour urine test, similar to what you're going through. Another person suspected they had Cushing's but had a cortisol test where their adrenals were suppressed with a pill and checked their levels, which turned out to be normal. They also suggested doing your own research and asking for tests as part of advocating for yourself. Some people were diagnosed with PCOS, but after making improvements to their life and getting hormonal IUD, there was little change, leading them to suspect they might have Cushing's.

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