feel kinda bored. would love to talk to someone. the people in my life right now are low energy and have zero creative energy (bc they are so tired from work) i cant force them to do things they dont have enough energy to which i only have energy to cus i smoked first 👁

Bipolar Disorder


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  • Alberto


    You may find people to talk to in this app! 🤗

  • AlexaRoberts


    I feel you. Most everyone around me works except children and a woman that really doesn't like me I'm always on my phone if you ever want to talk. 🤗

  • PeppermintAnn


    hii if u ever want a friend, dm me anytime! totally relating to the creative energy and smoking 💀those are my two past times lol

  • Asteroidrose


    Heyy if you want a friend I'm here. I'm a little chaotic but im kind. and im a little weird but i listen. i love to have deep crazy conversations. :)

  • Princess_Poppy


    Hey! Been thru my bipolar journey, working towards self development. Still have plenty of challenges but I’ve been able to manage without wrecking my life! Lemme know if I can help you 💖

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