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Little rant: I tried to bring up a possible diagnosis of Cptsd with my psychologist when I went through testing last month and was told that I could only have ptsd if my life had been in danger. That irritates me because no maybe my life was not in physical danger but that doesn’t take away from the trauma and horrible symptoms that come from what I experienced. I wish it was more widely understood that mental abuse can be just as damaging as physical abuse. I feel so exhausted because I’m always alert and jumping at every noise, flinching when I hear yelling, etc. The trauma that I experienced was so bad that I was suicidal by age 6, before I even knew what suicide was; I just wanted to die. So maybe my life was in danger, just not in the way people expect it to be for it to be taken seriously. I live with symptoms that impede on my ability to go through life successfully and it’s gotten to a point where I want help. It’s very discouraging to be shot down immediately because my life was not in danger of being lost directly by an abuser.

    • YanyLaurel


      Your therapist is wack, what she said is not backed by ANYTHING

      • saradactyl


        @YanyLaurel when she said that I was very caught off guard because out of all the research I did for ptsd, I didn’t remember that being a defining factor of diagnosis. It baffles me how different professionals interpret diagnoses in different ways

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