How do you work through the grief of everything you lose with a chronic illness?

Before, I was a very active athletic person lifted five days a week, ran 10+ miles 3 times a week, biked, hiked, skied, snowshoed, climbed, enjoyed mountaineering, etc. I have built successful businesses and founded a large international nonprofit. I’ve always had a decent IQ and mentated pretty quickly.

Now it seems that taking a shower is an extreme sport, and thinking can be challenging!

How do you reconcile this new reality? How do you get past the sorrow? What has worked for you???

Fibromyalgia (FM)

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  • Lolina


    I too have my “mourning phases” where I am just sad and want to cry and look at what I’ve lost or what I will continue to lose. Most people my age are getting married and starting families, I can barely go on more than one date with someone without having to cancel due to feeling crap. I honestly picture the rest of my life alone because building any kind of relationship while you are this chronically ill will take a miracle. So the best I’ve been able to do is find the positives in the situation this “loss” has put me. (even though any time someone says that to me I want to punch them in the face 😅) And maybe at best science will one day catch up with us and we can get back some of what we lost…

    • Firbo


      I am so sorry you have to go through this! I guess just knowing others understand is a big piece of feeling normal and not alone? I wouldn’t wish this on anyone and wish I could bear it for all! However, there’s still some comfort in just knowing we are not alone in our journey to a better life. Thank you for your vulnerability and honest response. I appreciate it! I know there is greater things in your future! 🙏

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