How to cope with bipolar disorder?

Bipolar Disorder

Olanzapine • Type: Oral


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  • pandasss


    Definitely finding the right meds will be helpful. What aspect of bipolar do you need help with coping?

    • graceelfira


      I need help to battle the side effects of the medication which is gaining weight

      • pandasss


        Eat a nutritious diet, it will help you lose weight and will help balance your mood as well as exercise, even if it's only 20 minutes a day walking. I hope this helps!

  • klazikel


    There are some key things that i need to manage my life with bipolar disorder. Meds, counseling, coping skills, origami (which is a hobbie and bilateral stimulation), acceptance. I accept that I will need medication for the rest of my life. I accept that counseling is the safest place for me to vent and process my experiences, thoughts and emotions. I accept that coping skills help me manage my anxiety and react to things in a more socially appropriate way. I accept that I can't work a traditional job schedule, so I make and sell my origami art. I also seek out support where I can find it. I take part in a bipolar group, have a great supportive daughter, and have found a supportive community on this app! I also recommend an app called the WRAP, Wellness Recovery Action Plan. It is a simple plan you can share with people and medical care providers when your in crisis. This is really oversimplifying things because bipolar is a complex disorder to live with. I don't mean to dismiss the highs and lows and how to navigate that, but that is a very personal thing we all have to learn for ourselves. I leave you with my favorite little quote... "It's not how high you soar or how far you fall, it's how well you bounce."

  • Mosey


    Meds are extremely helpful. Also a good sleep schedule, that’s the most difficult part for me to manage cause I work overnights, but I’ve got it figured out now. Coping skills are important as well. Therapy is vital, in most cases you’ll see them more often than your doctor so they can help you notice that you’re in an episode if you haven’t realized it yourself and then can help you manage it.

  • Magpie42


    Short answer: meds, therapy, and yoga or some other gentle exercise.

  • PutterThePig


    Meds can help. Therapy is HUGE

  • PutterThePig


    Research shows that the keto diet is a good approach for those with bipolar. Focus on Omega 3s, N-acetylcysteine, Vitamin B9, Magnesium and Zinc

  • phaed


    for me medication and therapy was ofc very helpful but on a more like day to day coping it’s VERY helpful to be self aware and probably the best thing u can do for urself, but while u practice self awareness- that self awareness won’t help unless ur also practicing forgiving yourself. because if ur self aware but hate urself or feel guilty things only get worse. once u learn to forgive and accept yourself things start to feel a lot better.

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