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does anyone suffer with agrophobia and if so ,how do you cope ?

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    • Jules78


      I used to

    • Jules78


      I used to

    • PsychoGamer44


      I have 3 places I go and that's it, I only go to work, chiropractor, psychiatrist is only once every 10 weeks but that counts as 4 I guess and Walmart (I get pretty much the same things so I'm in and out, self checkout and ignore everyone) I tried going to the gym and I just...I couldn't do it...I went 5 times in 2 months, sure that's an achievement but I feel like a failure for stopping...I'm a failure at everything...can never do anything right, always fuck something up....

    • Kittypup


      Have someone to help with the outside stuff. A lot of deliveries too.

    • Cupcake1252


      I have agoraphobia and honestly I have my days where it’s really bad but what works for me is distraction like listening to music, having time to do on your electronic device, having liquids is something that helps me a lot just having to drink can be a distraction. I’m currently entering to my third year of college and whenever there are events and I expect huge crowds I end to hang out in the back where the space isn’t to cramped. Omg Lifesaver mints are my best friend when it comes to my anxiety in general so pack mints into your bags. Of course, if you have a support system would help a ton. I really hope this helps and remember you got this :)

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One person shared that they cope with agoraphobia by bringing a bag filled with things that help to calm, distract, or ground them when they are out and starting to feel anxious. Another person mentioned using fidget toys and having their dog with them for support. It's also important to have a support system and not go through it alone.

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