Idk if it’s worse because of stress but my ocd has reached the point where I find little stains touching faucets anything I didn’t clean to my liking disgusting and I like scrunch my toes and my whole body just shivers so bad at the thought of even touching it I know this is contamination ocd but it affects me so bad I even started showering with slides on in my own house the only place I feel able to relax in is my room

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • Cif


    OCD is hard, stay strong. 💕

  • Heytoday


    As crazy as it sounds, the more you stay in your room, the more it reinforces the idea to your brain that everywhere else is unclean. This doesn’t mean you have to lay in a garbage truck right away to get over the contamination fears, but it does mean you can start finding small challenges to build up your resiliency. I won’t lie, it’s scary as **** like omfg it’s terrifying. But that’s why we start with the smaller things first.

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