Experiences when considering and seeking top surgery? What were your first steps when looking into it? How did you go about planning for it or deciding when/where to get it done, or with what surgeon?

Gender Dysphoria

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  • MiloSunshine


    I personally did a lot of research on the top surgeons in my state. Then I went for a consultation to get a feel of the surgeon, and understand the process better. They even had before/after photos. The biggest consideration is your size and what type of top surgery you want, so you defiantly want to find a surgeon who specializes in that. All I cared about was getting it done ASAP. I took the first chance I got to get it done. I'm almost 4 years post OP, zero regrets.

  • AnimalBoy


    I asked both my gender therapist and clinic for recommendations as well as looking online for local top surgeons. I didn't get past my clinic's recommendation, the best I could describe her was completely unhinged. She scheduled consultation appointments for every 15 minutes but was always at least 20 minutes late, I didn't mind because when signing in you could see her bounce from room to room at the speed of light and she talked just as fast. Despite all of this our consult (july30th) took maybe 20 minutes and she managed to answer every single question I had at the time without me asking, show me some of her work, get some signatures, draw a diagram of where the incisions would go on my chest, and take before pictures. She told me that she would make the incisions and surgical tim longer than usual and my insurance would cover a second procedure to avoid dog earing which was a concern, gave me recovery and pain management details, and told me she would have availability within a month or two assuming the insurance company was cooperative. They were cooperative and I saw her once the next month (August 26th) to go over signatures and the bill for the assistant surgeon they weren't covering, all in all about 260$ total and the next time I saw her early the next month on September 12th I was robed and talking to the equally as unhinged and helpful anesthesiologist getting ready to go under. It ended up taking 10 hours instead of her projected 4-5 or the typical 2-3 hours because my blood pressure kept dropping dangerously and I was unsurprisingly dehydrated. I stay the night at the hospital because of the complications with the surgery and with my pain ball tubes coming out repeatedly but i went home the next afternoon. Im glad they secured the tubes because the first thing my dog did was get caught on it. There was a healing complication involving an urgent care doctor that messed up my nipple a bit but I refused a revision for it, I did get a revision for some dog earing at the center of my chest and that I was awake for. It went very well and was healed within a couple of weeks. The entire process including revision took from July to March.

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