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my cardiologist put me on a 30 day event monitor that comes with a phone to record events as i feel them. sometimes the phone won't be handy as i feel the symptom and I'll put it in about a minute later, is that ok or am i messing up my readings...

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      You are missing it. Record immediately. Anything before you push the button/record is not reported on. I had both a 48 hour one and later the 30 day. That 48 hour one catches everything, but the report that they give the doctor only includes the times where you push the button (+ 2 minutes after , but none before) and where the device automatically recognizes irregular patterns. The doctor can ask for details but mine wouldnt. I understand, after insurance, they dont make much and highly rely on automatic tools to catch things. For the 30 day one, it is evencworse, it only captures when you click the button + 2 minutes after and then the automatic triggers. There is no capability to check what happened before. I was told wrong, i was told it would record what happened 2 minutes prior (that would make sense, but is not true). so i push the record once i sat down so i could breath. By that time, my heart rate would drop so far the other direction. Mine was set for >170bpm and <40bpm. It said it would catch regular tachy but it only did if you push the button. So other than a few that i caught early enough that the heart rhythm was still acting up, it was a bust. I then had an implanted loop recorder for the last 3 years. Same thing except it showed that i top 200 bpm. Again , they arent conxerned because it is only less than 20 seconds. I explained, at 200 bpm, i sit down any time, any where immediately. Thats why it is only seconds.

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