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I just saw the doctor for my yearly check-up, and she found a lump in my breast. I have an ultrasound scheduled, but I'm not sure what to expect. My grandma had breast cancer when she was young, and she actually had one of her breasts removed. Does anyone have experience with this? should I be worried?

    • Cloverleaf


      Hey! I can completely understand feeling worried about this. I just went through a very similar situation a few months ago and had to get an ultrasound for a lump in my breast. An ultrasound is a painless investigation that just involves some cool gel being put on your breast before a small, smooth probe is run over it to take some images for the doctor to look at. For me, the ultrasound itself took less than five minutes. First I saw the specialist doctor who did a breast exam and marked an "X" where he could feel the lump, before I went to see some lovely nurses who did the ultrasound. The doctor looked at the images and then gave me the results. It might be that the doctor does the exam and ultrasound for you, rather than needing nurses to help them. Another medical professional should be in the room to watch as the doctor does the exam/ultrasound to make sure everything is done right. You can also bring someone to the appointment with you, if you want. For procedures like this I've found they're usually very understanding!! I know it can feel really worrying and anxiety provoking waiting for a test like this, but the most important thing you can do right now is take care of yourself. No amount of anxiety will change the outcome of your appointment, so, if you can, try to take time for yourself in the run up to your ultrasound. Talk to people around you about how you're feeling, be honest with yourself about how you're feeling, and try to meet your needs as best as you can. I'm thinking of you and wishing you all the best 🩷🌷

      • Unicorn_Arist


        @Cloverleaf So, when my doctor felt the area, she was feeling the right side and said she felt something and then felt my other breast for reference. When I got the ultrasound though, they said the doctor left a note that it was on the top of my breast and only took images of the top. I'm almost more worried now because I think they checked the wrong area.

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