Has anyone tried Clonidine or Guanfacine along with their stimulant medication for ADHD?


Attention-Deficit Disorder


Psychogenic non epileptic seizure

Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • Tom1991


    I tried taking clonidine XR with Vyvanse and I suffered from headaches and fatigue so I had to stop taking the clonidine after two weeks... But maybe it's just me...

  • cc


    I take clonidine as a sort of non-habit-forming “rescue inhaler” for anxiety, which helps A LOT especially being on Adderall. I don’t take it very often, but it’s a lifesaver.

  • moonlight


    I found it super helpful for sleep for a long while. *it stopped working after a while but I have other things messing with my sleep

  • Mark88


    I've tried Clonidine with Adderall for a short period of time. I felt that these drugs have an additive effect on each other and it takes time to find the best doses when taken together. I had extreme drowsiness in the first few weeks until I was able to find the right doses with my doctor, so I do recommend it, but with proper guidance.

  • Khai


    I'm on welbutrin and clonidine at the moment and I only have to take clonidine as needed cause it's used to treat tics and non epileptic seizures. I agree that they tend to negate each other. Even with welbutrin not being a heavy stimulant.

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