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What do I do about chronic UTI? I have had over 8 UTIs in the past 6 months. Doctors just continue to provide me with antibiotics and AZO. All tests show positive on the duo stick test, however only about 3/4 of the time it shows up positive on the culture regardless, they still give me antibiotics. The symptoms are always the same: burning at all times (not only when urinating), frequent need to urinate (although sometimes I go and nothing comes out.) and severe bloating and discomfort. Although azo helps with the pain it comes back, and antibiotics have never worked as the uti always always comes back. I have PCOS and a Kyleena IUD and am Unsure if that is related. i am active and very careful and healthy otherwise, and have good hygiene habits. I’ve tried daily Vitamin C supplements, daily apple cider vinegar doses, always wear loose clothes and even got to the point of washing my hands and sanitizing toilets before and after going to the restroom. Doctors are no help and the burning sensation takes away from being able to work. What do I do?

    • ShoobyDoobyDoo91


      I have utis once a month and it sucks. I've gotten no help either and it sucks big time!!!!!!! Probiotics seem to help some. Try that. Good luck ❤️

    • Fid


      If you self catheterize , your urine will test will always come out positive, indicating an urinary infection. This was told to me by my Urologist. I also take an antibiotic after a urinary test and often wonder if my body will build an immunity to the drug which may be detrimental when needed down the line for a bacterial infection!

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