I am so over my stomach issues. I’ve done fleet enemas, had a colonoscopy, missed school almost every day last year due to my gastrointestinal issues. Nothing is helping and I need help.


Triticum (Wheat Fibre)

Abdominal distension (bloating)

Feeling of choking

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  • MeeB333


    I know this sucks & you probably don’t want to hear this, but you have to look closely at your diet… Basically, my entire childhood & early adulthood was spent trying to hide my constant IBS symptoms. But, now, I really very rarely have any symptoms whatsoever, and I tend to be able to identify the culprit(s) if I have any symptoms at all, since I did a complete & total overhaul of my diet. I was told that my IBS was likely caused by food sensitivities & intolerances, &, after realizing that I became deathly allergic to gluten & dairy, due to Lyme disease, I was finally able to carefully reexamine every single food & beverage ingredient that I was ingesting & identify my triggers. I won’t lie to you…It can be a very painstakingly tedious & arduous task to keep track of everything to achieve this awareness, but I promise you 100% that IT WORKS!! Better than any medication…!!! And, honestly, what we are experiencing are actually SYMPTOMS/signals from our body, which we don’t really want to ignore or mask, as that does nothing to eliminate the cause! The only way to get to the root of your issues is to identify & eliminate your triggers, & only U can do this for yourself. Good Luck to U!!! 🍀💜💚

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