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I suffer chronic dislocations and subluxations in my knees and it has been getting progressively worse, and i struggle to handle it. as of now i am trying pain management with bracing, considering patellar taping, but regardless of this, walking feels so difficult, and my joint instability is causing me much stress, as subluxations and dislcoations happen from simply rising from a sitting position. i dont know what to truly do about it. the pain is starting to get constant. should i look into a mobility aid? would a rollator help me? even with bracing, OTC medication, and tens unit therapy, walking is difficult and painful. i am so exhausted from this that i feel that i'd be better off with a wheelchair, but i dont know if my struggles are "bad enough". perhaps this question doesnt make a lot of sense, but i have no clue where to go next in terms of trying to manage this.

    • goblin49


      I would totally look into mobility aids. Typically, it needs to be a doctor/medical professional that you go through to get approved to even get a wheelchair, so try to focus on the fact that you don't really have to be the one to evaluate if the situation is "bad enough". It's the doctor's job to do that (and tbh I'd be surprised if they said no!), so you might as well ask about it.

    • wise


      GET 🗣️ A 🗣️ WHEELCHAIR 🗣️ I had no idea how much I was actually hurting until I stopped walking and used a wheelchair as often as possible. I was dislocating and subluxing several joints way more frequently than I thought and unfortunately that damage is irreversible, but having a wheelchair has made a huge (positive) difference. If you have to walk, brace and tape your loosest joints and use a cane or rollator. if you go the wheelchair route and use a self-propelled chair, weightlifting gloves will save your hands

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