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A little lost here on how I'm feeling. I've been chronically ill since 2020 but symptoms have worsened terribly as of Oct/Nov 21, when I randomly became too sick to get out of bed. Eventually I was able to recover over the winter slightly, but as soon as May hit and it got warm, I've been suffering... heat intolerance, extreme thirst, mood swings, inability to stand up for long periods of time, fatigue, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting.... my stomach won't move anything I eat, I'm super constipated, my heart rate and blood pressure fluctuate wildly, and I get really sick with hot and achy neuropathy at certain times. sometimes I get these wild adrenaline spikes that make me either feel so sick I can't move, make me feel like I could throw a truck, or make me feel like I'm about to have. nervous breakdown. I get muscle spasms and twitches, tremors, etc. as well. I haven't eaten since three days ago, and every time I eat something I get worse, so I'm anxious about eating... I tried going to the ER three days ago as well and not only did they try to tell was anxiety but the EMT was extremely nasty to me because I reported cardiac symptoms and I couldn't chew aspirin because I was nauseous. when I walked in the hospital I had to sit on the ground because I felt faint, but they accused me of faking bc "they saw me walk in" and threatened to move me to Psych if I didn't get up. I'm mortified and at my wits end with doctors not believing me. It has caused so much trauma I decided I would rather never set foot in an ER again. but my symptoms are taking over my life... I know this ain't no damn anxiety... I just want my life back.

    • Mimi62


      Have you seen a Doctor with all your symptoms? You sound a lot like me at times.

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