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Every time I turn around I'm getting a new disease. I have Lyme, chronic fatigue, morgellans and now I'm being tested for celiac disease. my life pretty much sucks. I'm on disability where I barely get any money. I only can afford to live with my parents who really don't want me there. They complain and criticize every thing I do so I basically never leave my room. I honestly wish I would just get something that would kill me.

    • Cre8iveHealer


      Hang in there. If you are diagnosed as coeliac, hopefully staying on the diet will make you feel loads better

    • Kenzie_Magaly


      First and foremost please don’t down or doubt yourself, people can think and say whatever they want. But at the end of the day you’re the only one who knows your body and how much pain you’ve endured 😭 I had Lymes disease in my 20’s I thought I was done with it. Until 2018 I got hit with it so hard I nearly died . My entire body went into shock!! Which is what’s happened to you, so many other diseases start popping up out of nowhere. Mine was Neurological my body and face got severely distorted unrecognizable by others. I gained 100 lbs. went into congestive heart ❤️ failure 😞 but I kept fighting for answers and treatments starting with a neurologist who did an EMG ON BOTH ARMS AND LEGS 🦵🏿 , MRI OF THE BRAIN 🧠 EEG FOR EPILEPSY DIAGNOSIS and I was given the proper antibiotic and other meds that put me in the right direction its been a long. Way but I’m now starting to feel like myself again . You must see Doctors that know the disease 🦠 or you will be going around in circles being wrongfully diagnosed. Be blessed 😇 and don’t give up.

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