I don’t know what the hell to do anymore. I have been having cramping chest pain from heartburn for like 3 weeks now. I’ve gotten ekgs done, but they’ve all said that my heart is normal. I keep hearing that it’s just a mix of heartburn and anxiety. However, I just started anxiety medication, and the chest pain hasn’t really gotten any better. I’ve been to my primary doctor, a gastro, and an urgent care and everyone keeps telling me the same thing. There’s something wrong. I know there is, but I feel like I’m going crazy because nobody believes me. I’m sick of lying awake at night because I’m afraid I might wake up with a heart attack. I’m sick of being scared to eat because I know it’s just going to make my chest pain worse no matter what I eat. I’m just sick of everything, but it seems like I’m going to be this way forever.

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  • David1212


    Hey, you need to give the anti-anxiety meds some time to work. It takes them about a month to a month and a half for you to start seeing an effect. Until then you should try to keep yourself calm. In addition, I suggest you not eat all kinds of foods that you know can cause these pains. Things like alcohol, coffee, chocolate, etc. can make heartburn worse so try to avoid them. The fact that I lowered their consumption helped me a lot.

  • CatAttack


    I would say the chest pain is probably anxiety and GERD hard at work. Have you been tested for H.Pylori? It’s a very common bacterial infection that can cause these types of symptoms! I’m sorry you’re experiencing this awful pain. When I’m stressed I give myself esophagitis and it is some of the worst pain I’ve ever dealt with. I would give the anxiety meds a chance and also start eating the blandest foods possible! Banana’s are some of the best to eat because they help coat the stomach and can offer some relief. I hope you start feeling better soon 💕

  • Strawberry_Princess


    I had constant issues with non stop GERD, from everything! Even water didn’t stay down. Get a referral to GI and request pantoprazole 40mg and sucrafalate 1gm. You have to take it before eating for the day, so in the morning. I went from every meal or snack having pain to very minimal if at all.

    • Strawberry_Princess


      Also get tested to verify that there isn’t damaged in your throat. It’s a small procedure where there is a balloon in throat with camera to assess the damages if any!

  • Kattt


    Try oral peppermint I went through the same stuff for years they all kept saying the same thing the peppermint oil seems to numb the esophagus I kept getting spasms pain and flutters it has helped soooo much

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