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Sleeping can be painful. How do you choose your mattress & pillow?

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  • Aubrey


    Many times it hurts so much to sleep that I prefer staying up all night! Recently, following a recommendation from a friend, I bought a long pillow that is generally intended for pregnant women. I tried it over the last few days, and I really felt a certain relief. I will keep you updated on whether it really helps over time!

  • Smoky_Fred


    For me, it's just many soft squishy pillows that I can adjust until I find a good position 😥

  • Strawberry


    My optimal sleeping position is sleeping on a big pillow to support my head and neck. I also use one more pillow between my knees. I also try to meditate to wind down - it lowers my stress level and helps me ignore some pain.

  • clovers


    I tend to just prop myself up with blankets and pillows until I get situated in a way that is comfortable, I tend to like soft blankets and pillows but a firmer mattress to support my joints.

  • Minecraftbros54


    I use a squishmalo(stuffed animal) as a pillow. The mattress has an extra cushion on it.

  • Rapunzel101


    Highly recommend a good body pillow! I sleep with my arms and legs around one to keep my shoulders, hips, and ribs from subluxing in my sleep

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