thoughts on lexapro?


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  • sushiroll


    It worked wonders for me earlier in my life. I loved how i felt on it. However i went back on it after my first child and it didn't help me anymore. I'm on Celexa now and it's working well for me. Good luck to you!

  • PokemonGirl502


    I’ve been on it since 2014. It works very well for me. The first few weeks I had mild side effects, but now it’s no side effects.

  • NDIC


    Love my Lexapro. Been on it since 2007. No side effects.

  • Lucilou


    I was on it for a month before I started hearing things. They took me off soon after and I have no lingering side effects.

  • Reddest


    Been on it for about 3 years now and it instantly improved my life. I did have 1-2 days of kinda being a couch zombie but that was the only side effect, and as soon as that passed it was insane how much better I got. Went from 5 breakdowns a week to 1, instantly. Increased my dose and got down to 1 a month. Increased again and they're seldom enough that I don't have a regular measure of it. I am starting to wonder if it's losing effectiveness after 3 years, but my physical health has been giving me a lot more cause for depression this year so that's probably it.

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