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Hey, I'm taking Cannabis alongside therapy to help me work through my trauma. But the Cannabis that the dispensary sent me is Indica and it's not doing what the stuff I was using was doing. (No idea what I was using before, I just got it off of somebody I know. And they don't remember where they got it.) So basically the stuff I was taking sort of helped me reign in my thoughts a little bit. But this Indica stuff is like skipping my mind, like my mind is still racing and stuff. But it just makes my body feel relaxed. And it also somehow makes me feel more awake. So it's like my body is kind of relaxing, but because my mind is still going full throttle, there's not much calm lol. I have really bad trouble with my sleep, so it was really helping me with that. So basically the Indica isn't working for what I feel like I need. But I was wondering if anyone who knows anything about the differences between Indica and Sativa might be able to help me out here. Would it be better to have Sativa, since this strain of Indica doesn't seem to be helping? Or would it be better to go for a Hybrid? Because I heard that Sativa can stimulate your mind or something. Cheers.

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It might be helpful to try a hybrid strain, as they can offer a balance between the effects of Indica and Sativa. However, it's essential to consult with a medical professional or a knowledgeable dispensary staff member to find the right strain for your specific needs. Additionally, consider using strains with higher CBD content, as they may help with anxiety and sleep issues.

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