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Question at the end - Not currently having a psychotic episode but off my anti psychotics since I’m stuck in a hotel because of a snow storm. When I get tired I get weird and borderline delusional. I was half joking with my friend about how there are ghosts and demons in my hotel room and I’m scared to sleep. They sent a gif of a scary demon looking creature and now I’m triggered. I warned them a couple days ago to be careful because I feel extra not stable and went into detail of the things they should avoid doing. They ignored me I guess. They usually are never like this. They’ve been playing mean to me often. Sorry for the vent. What do you guys do when you need to calm down?

    • Mrs.Rainbow6


      Rain sounds, music, games, comforting shows, and napping. I agree with the person above. I talk to my hallucinations and I'm usually pretty nice to them. If they are yelling, something I have to yell stop or be quiet if I'm alone. If not, sometimes I'll talk to them in a whisper and it usually fades.

    • strawberrysoop


      i usually watch something comforting that ive seen a thousand times before- cartoons are really good for this. talking to someone on the phone as much as possible helps, videochatting, keeping Some sort of noise going at all times. sometimes i talk to rhe hallucinations, even though i know they aren't real- part of it for me is if i treat them with respect, they'll be kinder to me in return. so i politely ask them to back off and give me space and then later we can hang out together. beyond that, texting friends to ask for reassurance is also very helpful. especially bc they will often come up with reasons that what im afraid of will never happen- i was scared to shower bc i thought a ghost would get me, but they said ghosts are Terrified of shampoo so now, weeks later, i can still shower in peace. if im afraid something is under my bed, they say "ah yeah thats me i was just taking a nap did you want me to leave?" and suddenly, even though i know theyre miles away, it feels a little easier.

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