I didn’t settle the past two days.
I’m really really proud of myself for finally doing it. I managed to break something I felt trapped in. I felt trapped because I felt responsible for it. And now I’m not even responsible for it anymore.
I’m gonna try to use this lesson for the rest of my life—settling is the worst thing someone can do for their mental health so long as it isn’t serving them anymore.
I get so angry that depression deludes me so often and forces me to self harm in ways I’m not even aware. It destroys my life. But I took a huge step for myself and it’s forcing me to keep looking to the future. It’s a good feeling to be looking towards the future.
I wish I could do it forever.


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  • Wild_Goddess


    That's a great first step

  • Wild_Goddess


    *proud vibes*

  • kittty


    I love the feeling of the fog clearing and doing smth your brain has made you avoid, it's really huge! Congrats!!!

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