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I’ve encountered my first bad doctor and I’m just broken inside now. Twice I’ve left this office in tears and even after filing a complaint nothing was done. They switched my GP in me because my doctor left the practice and this one knows nothing about me and despite several other professionals being able to physically feel the rib out of place and other misalignments and this woman hasn’t even touched me and is just like “it’s just fibro” … yeah no I’m not having fibro symptoms… why would PT and physically therapy be making it worse “it’s just your fibro” okay when I can’t support my own spine with out the whole thing locking up and it no longer bends the way it’s meant to “you’re just flaring”. Meanwhile I’m out of work on a leave of absence because I can’t be wrestling dogs or handling sharp objects when I can’t move, fully breath, and getting intense electric shocks that make me jump a good in the air and this doctor doesn’t seem to think it’s a problem and is refusing to sign my work paperwork so now I’m gunna lose my fucking job and this dr has to nerve to say I was being inappropriate because I filed a complaint.

    • JustRachelle


      I hate that this is happening to you. Are you able to switch doctors again? I had to kind of shop around for a doctor before I found one that made me comfortable.

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