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Hi I'm Nico and I'm Autistic and I have ADHD. I also struggle with depression and anxiety. I have 2 kids ages 4 and almost 1. I kinda always knew I had ADHD but the autism wasn't a surprise though I wouldn't have considered it till I realized my son is autistic. As a parent it can be hard to manage my own mental health while being responsible for 2 tiny humans. I guess I should end with a question ... how do you know when your experiencing a meltdown vs. just exhausted or anything else?

    • StrawberryMilk


      Exhaustion will lead to a meltdown. but when in meltdown you may experience exhaustion too and other things. The other things may be like going nonverbal, stimming in any way wether its moving physically or maybe repeating words to help soothe yourself consciously or subconsciously. Now this is limited to what i know of myself and what i hear from others. You may have meltdowns with patterns particularly to you. Doing research and being aware of what you do and how you react when sad or overwhelmed may help you differentiate exhaustion and meltdown too.

    • KatGPT


      It can be kind of hard to tell between having a meltdown or just being exhausted. I am autistic as well, and I’m trying to educate others through my personal experience with autism. Plus, I have ADHD, bipolar, and anxiety as well. It’s a handful, that’s for sure. Here’s what my take on your question is: A meltdown is usually like a panic attack that gets further than it should. I have experienced the exhausted part before without having a meltdown. Sometimes I am completely calm, but I end up feeling “too calm”. When I get too calm, that’s usually when depression starts to hit me for a short time. A meltdown may occur at any time, like a panic attack. It can even be about absolutely nothing, and you just have a feeling to cry. I’ve had that happen multiple times before I checked your profile, and I see you are older than me, but if you have any questions about autism or need an extra person to talk to, my dms are open. I’ll just have to remember to check them on here often. Otherwise, you can find me on Instagram. I check that more often. @bopitmaster8 is my username. Oh, by the way. Nice to meet you, Nico. The name on here is not my real name. The name on here is actually the name of my Guinea pig! 😂 My real name is Cain. Hope my advice helps! :)

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One user described the difference between a meltdown and exhaustion as follows: "Meltdowns for me are usually triggered by overstimulation, whether it be sensory or emotionally, or when I’m having to hold back a majority of my emotions/thoughts when going throughout my day." In contrast, exhaustion may not have a specific trigger and is more related to general fatigue or tiredness.

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