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Autistic burnout/ meltdown/ bad health -Am I the a$$hole for taking more time off work? Last week, I had a bad meltdown at work. I've never had one that severe at work. I uncontrollably sobbed for 2 hours, not moving from a corner in the classroom I work in. I sobbed in front of children and many of my coworkers. I had to leave early. I think I'm possibly reaching Autistic burnout. The more I go to work, the worse my health is getting. My stomach hurts with a cramping type feeling most of the day. It comes with waves of nausea, too. I'm so tired. I feel like I'm barely aware of anything. I was on the verge of tears a lot of the day at work. Mentally, I'm so tired as well. The end of the school year is about a month and a half away. Am I in the wrong for taking more days off? I also wouldn't be making any money the days I take off. (I work in an intensive needs room, so I do worry about my health, hurting my students' quality of care and education)

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