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I hear things that aren't there and that no one else can hear. When I say that I hear things that aren't there and that no one else can hear, I don't mean like voices speaking to me but really just in general. For example, I'll be sitting at our computer desk and will hear the back door open and close, like someone had just come in from outside. I'll go and look, but no one will be there or in any of the rooms near the door. I'll hear people I know, like my father-in-law and brother-in-law having a conversation in the other room, but I KNOW they are either at work or asleep. I hear a lot of conversations that just aren't there and couldn't possibly be real. I used to hear people call my name, like my husband or my parents, but I'll be alone at home. I hear a lot of small chatters, like "It's been raining all week. I wonder when it'll ease up." Those kinds of small chatters. Now. I do, personally, believe in the paranormal. But, the things I hear just don't make sense when it comes to what you expect from the paranormal. I'm not hearing strange voices or unknown noises. I'm hearing voices of people I actually KNOW and noises of things that are there. I'm not sure if any of this makes sense. This one thing, this one symptom of SOMETHING, is the only reason I have yet to go to therapy. I'm terrified of possibly being diagnosed with Schizophrenia. I'm terrified of being labeled as crazy. Does anyone else experience this kind of auditory hallucination??

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      I do! It’s terrifying sometimes. I hear music, sounding like it’s from an old record player in another room. I also hear chatter but can’t make out words, it’s always muffled. When I was a kid I always heard a woman call my name and grew up believing it was my passed grandma. Now, I’m scared something is undiagnosed. Tonight I smelled a burning scent, like it’s a deep, woody, almost dusty scent. I just calmed down after waking up my husband because I don’t smell it in a consistent place so I’m thinking that’s a hallucination too, but I also heard fire crackling. There’s no fire around me anywhere, and I have no past experiences with fires (GRATEFUL!!)

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