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Topic: Antidepressant withdrawal Due to financial struggles, my health insurance canceled and I haven’t been able to take my high dose Duloxentine (generic Cymbalta). It’s been a couple weeks now and symptoms are just getting worse. Symptoms include nausea, dizziness, vertigo, daily Fibromyalgia flare ups, headaches, forgetfulness, brain zaps, auditory hallucinations, extreme mood swings, paresthesias, and nightmares. Also, within the last few days I can’t stop crying and am experiencing major suicidal ideation. I’ve signed up for a low cost online pharmacy but they are currently out of stock. To anyone who has experienced this, in there anything you have done in the interim to relieve your symptoms? I feel like I’m going crazy. 🤕

    • Olivebutter2236


      Please check Good Rx! My insurance recently stopped covered one of my meds and instead of the 200 something dollars with Good Rx I get it from Walmart for just 30 dollars a month. It sucks to pay for it but if you have to have it its better than nothing.

    • spicysugar


      Man I feel you there. Good Rx? It's an app that makes medications more affordable by finding deals and whatnot or something. I was on 180mg of Cymbalta (yeah I have serotonin syndrome now) and then suddenly ran out of meds on a Friday and then got sick so I couldn't go get them the following week, so I GET it. The tremors and brain zaps alone, just thinking about it makes me recoil. I wish I could say try lowering yourself off of it but you're already out. So honestly what I did was grin and bear through it. About 2 ish months of everything crashing down and then the hurricane seems to ease. I couldn't get out of bed often so like, this isn't good but I'm sorry I don't know how else to help. I'm mostly messaging to say I feel you on this, and I wish I knew something substantial to give you

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