does anybody else have problems with antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication? I have tried a lot of them and I just tried Cymbalta and I was fine for about 3 hours and then had a severe migraine and severely dizzy and my vision was so blurry I could barely see. this usually happens with every medication does anybody possibly know why?






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  • queenofdaydreams


    yeah they don’t work for me

  • shymermaid


    That is really strange I feel like they work for me but they make me incredibly sick which makes no sense to me because I took them for a lot of years and even ones that I took for years make me really sick nowadays

  • LunarMoth


    SSRIs and SNRIs (like Cymbalta) aren't for everyone. Cymbalta gave me horrible nightmares so I got off of it pretty quickly. Most SSRIs I took had the side effect of weight gain. I was also on Clomapramine for a while, which is a tricyclic antidepressant (different class of medications), and I had really bad orthostatic hypotension (meaning when I stood up from a sitting/lying down position, my blood pressure would drop so low my vision would black out and I actually fell on one occasion). I'm currently on no antidepressant medication--instead I'm taking 2mg of Abilify, a medication called Naltrexone for my Skin Picking Disorder, and stimulant medication for my ADHD. The right choice for me was to get off of antidepressant medication, but that's not a decision to be taken lightly. It's worth asking about a different medication, or a different class of medications, as psychiatric medications are kind of trial-and-error until you find one that does what its supposed to and doesn't have unfortunate side effects.

  • Drake_Cake


    My mom has a gene that makes her unable to metabolize SSRI's which she passed on to me. They make her manic, but I don't remember what side effects I had from it.

  • shymermaid


    Hmmm ok well thanks guys! I appreciate it. I'm not sure why this happens to me.

  • DragonflyHKD


    SSRI meds don't work for me at all. Have had luck with the SNRI called effexor or venlafaxine. I'm bipolar and also need a mood stabilizer (lamotrigine/lamictal) and antipsychotic (aripiprazole/abilify) though. I do have nausea meds on hand because I take so many medications for a variety of chronic health issues. Not sure if zofran/odansetron would be helpful for you too. I'm so sorry that you're experiencing all those side effects, sounds very unpleasant!

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