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is there an alternative to having an endoscopy? I've had acid reflux every day since January 2022 and nothing works. My insurance is crap and I can't afford an endoscopy; because of my weight I'd have to go into a hospital. I just want to know what's causing this. No medication or supplement works.

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      No good alternatives that I know of - I *think* I had a blood test to screen for stomach ulcers though, before I got my endoscopy, that might be something cheaper to check for now. There is a risk of permanent damage if it's untreated. I've had it since I was a teen, partially treated, and was getting worried - they ended up not seeing any damage, so that is a possible outcome too. What works for me is Pariet, liquid antacids, and for some reason apples really help turn the acid off for me. I find anything cheesy, fatty, carby, a trigger - milk too for some reason. Also, jogging!

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      I don't think there is an alternative. I had heartburn chronically since 4th grade and was only able to get diagnosed once I was in collage and able to take myself to the on-site clinic. I have a hiatal hernia. So heartburn is something I'm accutly aware of. Basic tips. Avoid food you know triggers it. Alcohol, spicy foods, high fat/grease. Sleep sitting up or on your left side if able. An OTC nexium or generic every night. I'll take it for the rest of my life unless I get surgery. Things that help. Warm milk. A couple of slices of toast. A couple of spoonfuls of plain vanilla ice cream. Sometimes just drinking a lot if water to trigger your stomach to empty can help. Fizzy drinks can sometimes help if you need to burp. I like liquid antacids like mylanta because you can keep them by your bed side. If you can, ask your doctor for prescription strength nexium, or carafate. Brand name Sulcrafate. Miracle stuff. It specifically binds to damaged stomach lining and coats it. Like an off switch for acid pain.

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