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i feel like because i’m younger (18) when i have medical problems eg PCOS which runs in my family, the doctors don’t take me seriously and try and pass it off as my cycle adjusting or blame it on an std i don’t have

    • Tori340


      I can relate to this one i got diagnosed early too with very little guidance and information. I got on birth control later in life. I had lots of pain and aches in my body. At 19 went to the hospital had a doctor tell me it could be from an infection, put me on antibiotics and clock out for the day. Next doctor comes in i explain my concern, he runs some tests. And presto! Bilateral pulmonary embolism from smoking cannibis with estrogen birth control. Always be comfortable advocating for you and if you feel like someone isnt taking you seriously or makes you uncomfortable - switch them out.

    • GoddessWinter


      I definitely feel you there I was only diagnosed with PCOS at 13 (I’m 20 now) because I quite literally was in the ER dying from the blood I was losing, for two years I was bleeding they could have caught it sooner but they wrote it off as I have a vitamin D deficiency, an iron deficiency, and I just needed to lose weight. I need 3 blood transfusions and I’m still not recovered enough to live a normal life, every time I start my period I run the very high risk of bleeding out but I simply don’t have enough blood in my body, I suffer from chronic fainting spells now and it’s so hard for me to wake up. It’s not fun and I just can’t help but feel if they would have done something sooner I wouldn’t be as sick. Please advocate for yourself and if they tell you no about something tell them to put it in writing.

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