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I’m currently trying to figure out the balance of advocating for myself and my health while also not coming across demanding to doctors. I have a strong suspicion that I have an autoimmune disorder but nobody supports me. I had blood work done but all that’s come back positive was the ANA test. I’m also a student making things harder. I just don’t know what my next steps should be. I have chronic pain and fatigue and I’ve tried everything to get better.

    • Sarahwags


      Be demanding. I wasn’t insistent about my symptoms with my rheumatologist. I was in such pain and she would dismiss it and tell me to talk to my psychologist. Turns out she completely missed my correct diagnosis. I was getting worse by the day entirely bc she wasn’t listening and I wasn’t advocating for myself. Interestingly, a few months later this same doctor got angry at me for messaging her a question through my chart (I had strep and didn’t know if I should stop the immunosuppressant). She told me she wouldn’t be my doctor bc I asked too many questions! Doctors should welcome thoughtful questions if they don’t it’s a red flag. They’ll fail you later. This disease is too serious to not tell your docs just what’s going on.

    • Gigi13


      Hey there! Lifestyle, holistic, and functional clinics typically have physicians who are validating, helpful and if they don’t have answers will at least point you in a direction with resources🤗 what kind of care are you open to, and what have you tried?

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