I stopped meds about 7 months ago and am looking to get back on them. I was on Zoloft but it only helped a little. What are some other ones that you guys think would be better

Chronic Irritability and Anger




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  • Lunamoon


    I’ve been on celexa, Wellbutrin, and lexapro, and so far I would recommend Wellbutrin and lexapro for depression.

  • BriannaC


    I think Wellbutrin is a great medicine I took it before and it really helped me

  • werekitty96


    I’m taking Lexapro and Wellbutrin and it’s been helping me a lot. My depression is still there but a whole ton better than it was

  • Sunflower1


    I was on Prozac once which didn’t help me and now I’m taking Sertaline which is the same as Zoloft and it works wonderfully for me. Did you take the max dose back then?

  • Nightowl


    I have tried almost everything but stick with wellbutrin because it evens out my emotions and irritability, lows aren't as low but highs aren't as high. I'm taking it and Lexapro now but personally I need something better.

  • Pikachu


    I was on Lexapro and it worked but my ex didn't let me go to my appointments so I didnt get refills

  • Mila


    I recently started taking Escitalopram and I feel that it made me less over think and generally calmer.

  • Quinee


    Hi, I've been taking Amitriptyline for two years now, and I feel it's really helping me!

  • Oldsoul


    Same spot here. On 150 mg of Zoloft and I’m kind of scared to stop/change meds but it isn’t really helping that much 😥

  • Angie


    I’m on Prozac for a few months now and I think it’s the best one that I’ve tried so far… it’s not free of side effects but I’m doing pretty good

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