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I am confident in my soul that I have ADHD. My twin sisters both have it, and my cousin. But my psychiatrists have always said that the symptoms overlap too much with my PTSD symptoms to be sure. But my ADHD symptoms are extremely present even when my PTSD seems dormant. Has anyone else experienced this? How do you advocate for yourself?

    • northerngrindin


      It took me years to get a diagnosis. But finally I went and saw someone who specializes in ADHD. Literally walked in and sat down and within 5 minutes she looked at me and said you have ADHD. I even asked her if she was sure because I was told the same thing you were and she looked at me and said all though it is true, there are definite differences between the 2 that can be spotted by most psychiatrists.

    • Acressman


      Hey, I feel you on this my problem is I know for sure I have ADHD unfortunately there are no places near me that take my insurance that can diagnose me. My method to help is to look at other people's coping mechanisms see what works for me and try to manage day-to-day.

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One user suggests that "Sometimes we have to push our drs in the right direction." Another user recommends looking on, where you can search for people who treat ADHD and they'll be more open to listening. Yet another user mentions that symptoms of PTSD can be similar to ADHD, which might explain why psychiatrists find it hard to differentiate between the two.

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