So I have a question about ADHD. Does anyone else feel like they get so hyper that it hurts? It feels like my body is burning up, and I want to do a million things at once but not sure what to do. I become impulsive, and change my mind constantly. I become shaky and I stutter a lot. I’m not sure if it’s my adhd or I’m just anxious or.. I don’t know? Also does anyone know how to calm this because it only happens like once every 2 weeks. It’s good bc I do a lot when I’m hyper.. but it drains me when it’s over..

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  • pfunkie


    I can say with 100% confidence, yes. If I'm around new people who I get along with and am sharing things with, I start to talk faster and smile more get hyper. Even around certain established friends, I get the same way, and after I'm done hanging with them, I immediately feel exhausted. I haven't had this feeling in a while because I lost a lot of my friends due to them being toxic, but I know and understand the feeling you're talking about. I know, though, when I am anxious, I typically feel those same feelings, but I'm on edge and more irritable/fearful than I am excited. So I would try to catch yourself when you're in those moments so that you can tell the difference and deal with it accordingly.

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