am I the only one that has to make everything an even number

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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • RatStink


    BESTIE ME TOO!!! I have to lock my car an even number of times or I don't feel right. Or i can't pay attention when the volume is at an odd number.

    • sethlife99


      im so glad im not the only one even number or no thanks

  • nemokittylover123


    I'm the same way especially when I go grocery shopping. If I'm buying multiples of something it can be an odd number. To be honest I can't stand the number 3 when buying multiples things at a store. I also have a thing where if there's a pile of something, I always have to pick the second or fourth one in the pile. I can't just pick the top on the pile. But yes odd numbers are troublesome for me

    • nemokittylover123


      *If I'm buying multiples of something it can't be an odd number

  • Vitachka


    I do that too! When I’m turning or lowering the volume on my TV it has to be even. Just a mild example haha

  • Lucasyork


    Odd numbers!! Even is evil

  • Subjectissyd


    100% relate. I have to count my steps going in and out of my kitchen because there is tiles. 2s and 4s.

  • Eltrut45


    i always have to have something an even number or a multiple of five!!!!

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