is getting gastric bypass surgery worth it? what's the bad side to it?

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Diabetes Type 2 (T2D)

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  • Alberto


    I haven’t had a bypass but several friends that had are very satisfied. The only problems are that some people get to the same weight several years after the surgery, and that it’s after all a surgery with risks during and after

  • Uzijacuzzi


    Does insurance usually cover it or most of it out of pocket

  • JustJulie


    My sister had it TWICE ! First one failed and the second one took her life. There are diabetic medications now that are being used (generic form of Ozempic for one) that are having FABULOUS weight loss results and helping avoid surgery. It is injected once a week and IS NOT Insulin.

  • Audi2107


    I'm on victoza injection daily.. I have lost few lbs, and it curbs food cravings. It is Not Insulin.

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