something happened last night that made me feel unappreciated, and I didn't want to tell the person because I knew they weren't doing it on purpose and also they had been in a delicate state of mind and I didn't want to do anything to ruin his good mood finally. and now I'm looking back and wondering if this was how my ex best friend felt and why he left. maybe he was so used to feeling this way that when I started changing to regulate my emotions so he wouldn't have to feel that way, maybe in his mind it was already too late? Maybe it was my fault he was so cruel when he left and then asked to reconnect? Maybe I deserved it? I don't know but the thoughts keep swirling.


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  • athy


    I'm not sure if this is helpful or not but you're using "Maybe" in place of "what if" and the truth is you'll never know the answer but it's best to try and not worry yourself with the what ifs and maybes

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