Anyone with ADHD and PoTS been able to be put on ADHD medication? My executive function is very poor (or should I say more executive DYSfunction because I really have never functioned executively like ever) and I am worried they are not going to be able to do anything for me in terms of treatment given medical history of tachycardia. Anyone else had the same or been able to be placed on meds, if not what is helpful instead

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  • Ori_Ahavah


    I've taken a lot of different ADHD medications over the years, I've been on Vyvanse myself for years now and as long as I intake enough water and sodium I don't normally get symptoms. If I do get tachycardia episodes though, I take as needed hydroxyzine prescribed for anxiety (🙄 because you can't be anxious if you pass out for 14 hours) and that brings my heart rate back down to normal. I would recommend avoiding focalin (Dexmethylphenidate) specifically though, it is EXTREMELY strong and I found Ritalin gave me a lot of chest pains. In honesty, it's best to try a few till you find the right fit. Some make people more anxious or have palpations or tachycardia, but it also depends on other meds you may take, mainly mood related meds, so it's really different for everyone. There's a lot of new ADHD meds too for people with specific needs. Find a good psychiatrist who can keep in close contact with your cardiac specialist or PCP :)

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