hello everyone! so i started taking this medication about 2 years ago and sometimes i get heart palpitations and bad (almost out-of-body experience) tremors. does anyone else experience this or any other side effect?

Chronic or Recurrent Palpitations


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  • Crying_but_Thriving


    I actually have this same thing! Usually it's out of the blue, but I have noticed that if I accidentally miss a day of taking it, that makes it worse. Typically as long as I stay consistent on it I have very few problems :)

    • karizer


      i agree. skipping it makes them so much worse! sometimes i even have to be bed ridden the day after because of them.

  • atami


    oo— i only got this when i forgot to take my meds one day and started getting withdrawl symptoms :') it can get pretty bad! but remember to tell your doc/med manager any negative side effects that happen if it's too uncomfortable for you!

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