So about a week ago I got extremely overstimulated. Like to a more noticeable degree than I’ve ever noticed. I was scrolling through videos and one had techno music in the background, and then another had someone talking really fast. Both things that are really overwhelming audio wise for me. And on top of that the sun light from the window next to me was shining in my eyes. Usually I can go through a lot more than just two sensory experiences being too much without a meltdown. But this time it was just a lot. So I decided I needed to just shut off everything around me. I took a really thick blanket and draped it over the back of my couch, over my head and down to my feet while sitting in the fetal position. I listened to brown noise in my headphones. (Brown noise is like white noise, but a little softer. I really recommend it to people who have anxiety, or get overstimulated easily, etc.) I sat in my quiet little homemade cave and it really relaxed me. I’ve been using this ever since most of the time when I get overstimulated. Just wanted to ask if anyone has any other strategies for feeling better when having a meltdown? If you have anything similar, or a little less complicated please let me know! :)

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    some of this might just be personal preference, but i like to hum to myself and sometimes rock or pace. i rly enjoy both the noise and sensation created by humming, and i tend to need to release emotion or frustration through movement, so pacing, rocking, sometimes flapping my hands a bit or tapping and my chest. i do also use a weighted blanket if im sitting bc the preassure is 👌

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