How do you cope with the expiration date feeling? Like there’s a certain date/age where you’re just gonna. Stop. And it won’t even be a matter of um. DIY stopping. Just. Idk some feeling that the universe is counting you down? How do you deal w it.

Complex post traumatic stress disorder

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  • Nguyening


    It took me 28 years, and I’m 28 now. To be brutally honest I’m still working on it, but the cause of your pain has to do with your mind living in your past (history) or your future (our greatest mystery). What you described is known as rumination, an addictive behavior in the mind that I had done all my life…. But what you can do is choose to live in the present, and as you are alive now, do little things in your day that make you feel better for the long term. Choosing to commit actions for your personal improvement in the long term also consequently allows you to feel better in the short term, because you have something to look forward to in the future, that you created, and you can be proud of yourself for living your life with a righteous attitude towards yourself. You may not know this, and don’t feel bad about not knowing what I’m about to say, because it took me 28 years to realize this myself… You’re worth it. Just make it a daily goal not to waste a single second of your life… enjoy YOU and enjoy all the good things in your life, big or small, as much as you can. I wish you good luck.

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