I never noticed this, but someone who used to be my close friend for 2-3 years sent me a gmail about hoping that I’ll return and that the friendship can continue.

The reason it ended was due to both of him and I’s toxicity that led up to this. It’s been over a month since him and I last talked to each other, and as much as I would want to reach out, I also know that it won’t go nowhere and it’s best than him and I move on.

I just feel sad reading it because I never even realized he sent me a gmail about it until now. And when he wrote about how much he misses me and wishes to see me again, I can’t help but cry.

I realized just how much I truly missed him, but even if I wanted things to go back to normalcy, they really can’t.


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  • Vyowleta


    I also understand that some people are meant to stay with us and some aren’t. People do come and go in our lives. I guess it just hurts so much in this situation because this is someone who I thought would’ve stayed a bit longer than it did. It doesn’t hurt as much as before, but it’s still sad to think about.

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