I have been in a flare for almost 2 months after a personal trainer used a massage gun up and down the left and right side of my spine. I was recently diagnosed and struggling. Bad reactions to the medicine so I stopped them. Trying to take turmeric and eat super anti inflammatory while using thc cbd creams and lot of rest on a heating pad. Any advice? I need support I’m pretty discouraged.


Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS)

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  • Mark88


    Hi, It sounds like a lot to handle.. Have you tried taking something like Ibuprofen for a while? It really helps.

  • Wormymcsquirmy


    Something similar happened to me back in October and literally the only thing that helped was getting ibuprofen shots in my butt twice😭

  • Mija


    Similar here! Went to a chiropractor once and never went again, damn nearly lost my job because of it !! ✋

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