hi guys! i’m new to this app and im not sure if i’m experiencing symptoms or if is a side effect of taking birth control


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  • LaneKane


    My sis takes birth control! It really kinda depends on your background. It’s not unheard of to feel symptoms of depression, have you felt this way strictly after taking the birth control or before or a little after? Either way, you are VALID.

  • Snowy


    I had to switch birth controls after my first one because it made me depressed. I've been on 7 or so total now, trying to find the best one. Be careful doing that though - it can trigger a "sleeping" autoimmune disorder if you have the genes for one. No one told me that and after I developed pronounced gluten intolerance, my gyno recommended I get tested for celiac. (I am not, just intolerant). Beside the point. It doesn't matter if your depression came on all on it's own or if it's from the birth control, the feelings are valid and deserve attention. Talk to your gyno or whomever prescribed you the BC, there are MANY out there to try!!

  • Ambbys


    I personally think my birth control doesn’t help or adds to my depression that already existed, but I definitely notice it gets worse at certain points while on birth control. I wish more clinical research and care would go into womens health since it’s a common issue. Either way all your feelings are valid and it could be possible that changing to a new one could help..!

  • LittleEmm


    Personally, my birth control was making my mood a little more stable, because my hormones are very unstable alone, but I felt like other birth controls were not helping. If you noticed this for more than a few months I would try switching. They also have birth control without hormones in it.

  • cecilyella


    it could be either or even both! however if you feel like it’s the BC or that the BC is making it worse, definitely talk to whoever it is who prescribes it to you about trying a different one

  • alexam


    i didn’t realize but when i got off birth control i felt wayyy different in a better way. we are all different but you could always switch

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