Anyone else have lilapsaphobia that’s the extreme fear of tornadoes and hurricanes sense I live in Minnesota I don’t have to worry about hurricanes but I do have a phobia of tornadoes any tips for next tornado season

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  • Placebo1228


    I live in Tornado alley too... The best advice I have isn't helpful. Just keep yourself safe and when a tornado comes by just focus on your breathing, and repeat a mantra that soothes you. Remember that it's not trying to hurt you, and that it's just a natural event, and you're going to be okay.

  • MsManders


    I don't have any advice but I honestly didn't know this was a thing. I'm terrified of tornadoes and earthquakes..but mostly tornadoes lol not so much hurricanes as I grew up in jersey but I still fear any natural disaster really. I live in Arizona now so I won't experience any of that as it's extremely rare here

  • BenjaminDover


    When I was little I terrified myself by reading and learning about tornados. It didn’t help that in 3rd grade a tornado absolutely leveled the city a couple of minutes up the street from me. But that fear eventually turned into a love for awful weather. I’m not 100% sure, but I think the moment it changed for me was when I started smoking weed 🤷🏾‍♂️😂

  • Okiekrafter


    I am extremely terrified of tornados. I live in Oklahoma right in tornado alley. Taking my anxiety meds don't even help. Sirens go off and I panic. What I have found out is just go to the basement and watch a movie or play games till the storm has passed. I also have a stuffed animal I cuddle with (and yes I'm 32 and have a stuffed animal)

  • KendraRobotrix


    I guess I do. I never knew what it was called til now

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