How does your condition affect your ability to work/study? I don’t feel like I can be successful in my career or in my education, I’ve been really struggling.

Cataplexy & Narcolepsy

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  • Lexi_724


    Yes! For quite a while. Im not medicated but it did for a while. Socializing too.

  • JaebaeB04


    I fall asleep constantly in class missed way too many assignments and material that was being taught it’s affected my safety I’ve fallen asleep outside way too many times then the cataplexy is always out of control to the where I gave up I’m still getting back on track try to keep up the work you’ll regret tapping out later on trust me

  • SleepyMamaMimi


    It made everything more difficult, i was u diagnosed throughout college and i worked at night, i was always late to everything. But i found ways to learn, i recorded my lectures and notes and put headphones on, went and did active things while playing my notes/lectures over and over. I passed college and graduated undiagnosed but i nearly lost my mind. I feel so much better now that im diagnosed and treated properly

  • mynickamesaretaken


    People accused me of being not interested in them when really I was just tired

  • AliceAnn


    Unmedicated and Undiagnosed: Struggling to remember what I studied, wake up for class, stay awake. I graduated with undergrad with a 2.3 GPA. Now I’m in grad school, set to graduate in May with my masters and I currently have a 4.0 GPA. It’s been 7 years since diagnosis and I’ve gotten a handle on my narcolepsy and I’m medicated properly so you can do it. Narcolepsy just sucks.

  • Sleepyandsad


    I changed my entire career path entering college once I received my diagnoses my freshman year. Nobody can have a surgeon fall asleep while operating on them. :( I found my true passion through all of it, though, and am about to start a graduate program for psychology. Not sure if I’ll be able to study my way through and earn my second degree, and it scares me every day. I’m too tired for undergrad, how will I survive grad school?

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