Would medical marijuana help me gain weight? I'm severely underweight and the only thing that helps me eat is weed.


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  • MP


    In my experience, yes. I’d suggest an indica strain.

  • ElleG


    My sister was in the same boat and weed helped her.

  • HopefulHufflepuff


    Absolutely! There are very knowledgeable people at dispensaries. I would ask for something specifically for increased appetite and see what you learn and go from there

  • Jadie


    It can! My bf and I have ADHD. He struggles feeling hungry so he sometimes needs to inflict munchies to get himself to eat enough food. I also have a stomach condition that turns off my hunger after very little food so I also use the munchies to help get more food in along with my ADHD genuinely being helped due to the dopamine in THC. I only smoke indica and found the munchies hit the hardest when I do dabs (they also affect me more mentally than flower does).

  • Lora


    I'm not sure because marijuana makes you binge and eat a lot at one time but then in the day after you'll probably be less hungry. For gaining weight you should eat more all day long.. But it could be a great kick to start!

  • November


    Tbh probably. Weed gives me hella munchies. I smoke and snack all day long sometimes. Maybe check out vitamins if you're worried about getting enough nutrients

  • PinkPupButt


    totally! I'd suggest trying edibles for starting out, indica is great for munchies! start small with only one and after a couple hours if you still don't feel anything and feel like it's a good idea, go for another one! Also ALWAYS make sure you're buying from a safe place, preferably somewhere it's legal and a place that's been cleared by the FDA. Look at places online and find one with good reviews. you got this!!

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